Happy Mothers Day

When I was a kid, I knew hands down that I had an amazing mother and never took it for granted. I can remember even one day asking my mom “what is it that God thinks I did to deserve you?

She was speechless... so being me I told her what I thought happened...

I think there’s a queue of babies in heaven waiting in line to be sent to their parents. I think the baby before me may have had to go to the bathroom and asked if I could hold their place in line.... but they took to long and I got sent instead. So you wound up with me. I mean I’m glad about the mix up, but I really hope the other baby got a good mom too.

This is all to say that my mom is hands down one of my most favorite people on this planet. She’s like a mom, best friend, sister all in one. I get her and she gets me, completely.

We can have conversations with facial expressions alone and we understand what the other is thinking. I can have a convo with her with my mouth full of food and she understands me exactly. We finish each others sentences. We facetime and find we’re both cooking the same meal while wearing the same thing.

All in all, she gets my randomness, my struggle to sit still, my need for adventure, my need to be babied and treated like an adult at the same time. #adultingasamillenial 😌😌.

I frequently thank my mom for letting me be my unadulterated, globetrotting, happy go-lucky-self, and grooming me to embrace my zest for life....For telling me I was beautiful even when I didn’t know how to match my clothes, do a proper roller set on my hair, or do my make up....For letting me do my choreography in the car which meant dancing with my toes in the windshield.....For working 2 jobs with overtime and still being my homeroom mom and attending all of my school and extracurricular activities.... For random same-day cross-state road trips.... For breakfast from scratch every morning for me and my friends on the bus and breakfast in bed on the weekends.....For telling me to do it scared and to do it right!

Anyways, its because of my mom that I am who I am. That I know my worth, and that Im comfortable operating outside of the box. I know that mother’s day is her day, but I like to thank God for the gift that He’s given me in her.. #bestgiftever

What does your mom mean to you? And, if you’re a mom what‘s your favorite way to be celebrated?

Comment below.

(P.S. Keep scrolling for some of my favorite pics with my mom. )

Pictures in Order: 1. Abu Dhabi - Grand Mosque ; 2. Dubai - late night swim; 3. Hawaii hiking to a waterfall 4. Graduation day 5. Waterfall in Jamaica 6. Amsterdam-touring the city 7. Houston - Christmas Party; 8. Louisiana - Family gathering; 9. Jamaica- Birthday party 10. Costa Rica hiking by the river. 11. Motorcycle ride

Jennifer O. aka GeauxJenGeaux

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