3 Tips to Being Happy While Chasing Your Goals

During my life span, I’ve encountered numerous people who will not allow themselves to be happy until they’ve completed certain goals. The distance from completing their goals will directly correlate to their level of "Happy". Is this person you?

Maybe it’s the undergrad that wants to finish a five year degree in four years, the professional that’s putting in work for that promotion, the entrepreneur that’s waiting for their small business to grow, the person whose waiting for a relationship, that person waiting for marriage… etc. If this describes you, remember that you can experience "Joy in your now" and here's how.

  1. Don’t Downplay your Achievements. Achievements, no matter how small, are markers that you are moving in the right direction. Pat yourself on the back and recognize the work that you're putting in. (Ex: Refrain from saying things like… it was just a 2 year degree, its only a starter home, my business only broke even in its 1st year. )

  2. Reflect! Meditate on your past wins, what you hope to accomplish, and what you like or don’t like about your current position. (Ex: if you’re waiting for that relationship … reflect on the good things that you’ve accomplished while single, areas that you want to improve on, and imagine what healthy elements you'd like your relationship to have.

  3. Trust Yourself, Trust God. Are you not happy because you have an underlying fear that you wont get what you’ve hoped and prayed for? God hears you and He's with you. Between your hustle, Prayer and Praise you're covered. So why worry?

Inspiration for this post came both from Valerie Burton’s article in @essence and personal experience. What are your thoughts?

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