Life as "GeauxJenGeaux"

A Purpose-Filled Journey

Welcome to GeauxJenGeaux! I am Jen, a multi-faceted, entrepreneurial woman who has a desire to excel in EVERY aspect of life. I am an engineer, business owner, fitness/travel lover and overall life enthusiast. The fore mentioned keeps me on the go… Hence I have the nickname "Go Jen Go" ... which translates into "Geaux Jen Geaux" due to my Louisiana roots, lol. Currently, I am on a mission to build a legacy for my life through God's help and A LOT of hustle/figuring it out along the way.  I truly believe that life is meant to be lived, and that there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to sign up for a joyous, purpose-filled, go getting, adventure of a life that drips success at every angle.

I started GeauxJenGeaux because success to me means reaching back to lift up others. I wanted a place for other "geaux-getters" like me to have access to a community that thrives on excellence, lifting each other up, praying for one another and giving direction with love. What better way to accomplish that than to create a space that encourages others to engage and to do the same? Life is meant to enjoy, and its also meant to empower, educate and inspire others so that they can enjoy as well. 

I thank you for visiting my page…. explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps GeauxJenGeaux will ignite your own passions as well. Don't forget to subscribe ;-) - Let's get it,  Jen.


"You've always contained greatness... You either forgot, or worse, you never knew..."
- GeauxJenGeaux


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